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About Us

Who We Are

We are a law firm with uncompromising convictions. We believe people deserve to know the truth about every aspect of their cases. We make things less complicated by always remaining focused on solutions, rather than perpetuating disputes. We are aggressive and we provide real value to our clients. These things are simply part of our firm culture.



Older Lundy & Alvarez, founded in 2003, is a full-service law firm that offers a fresh and innovative approach to the practice of law. Our attorneys have skills and interdisciplinary expertise that allows the firm to deliver extraordinary service and results, and this is why we have developed so many lasting professional and personal relationships, as well as industry trust and confidence.

We have formed a team of exceptionally committed lawyers. No matter what the issue is, Older Lundy & Alvarez’s attorneys will have a precise understanding of the client’s needs and will deliver customized solutions.


Our Values

Our core values at Older Lundy & Alvarez are service, integrity and hard work. These values are among the many reasons our clients trust us to represent not only them, but also to represent their family members, friends, clients and colleagues.

Service: You need responsive and reliable attorneys. You can count on us to return every phone call, answer every email, and to be your advocate every single day we represent you. If your case is the kind of case that may be susceptible to emergencies, then you will have our cell phone numbers in case you need to reach us after regular business hours or over the weekends.

Integrity: You need an honest attorney. We will always be candid with you about your case and about how we believe it can be resolved. We are transparent and straightforward. You deserve to know the truth about every single aspect of your case, no matter what. We are committed to representing our clients with the highest level of professionalism.

Hard work: You need an attorney who will work harder than the other party’s attorney. We believe we can outwork all of our opponents. We want you to sleep easier at night knowing that we treat our clients’ problems like they are our own. Our gifted staff and dedicated attorneys have an uncompromising work ethic. There simply is no substitute for hard work.

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