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Category Archives: Real Estate

Things to Look Out for in a Contract

By Older Lundy & Alvarez |

Check the spelling of your name to make sure that it is correct. Make sure that the contract contains both the street address and an accurate legal description of the property you are buying. (A tax collector’s folio number is NOT a legal description.) Make sure that the deposit that you put down is… Read More »

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Home Inspections and Surveys

By Older Lundy & Alvarez |

There are many types of construction defects in houses that are not apparent to buyers visiting the houses with sales agents. Prior to buying a house, most buyers hire a qualified home inspector to give the house a comprehensive inspection. This is true whether the buyer is buying an older house or new construction… Read More »

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When Should you Hire a Real Estate Attorney

By Marshall Deason |

Depending on whom you ask, the answers to this question will range from “You never need a lawyer in a residential real estate transaction” to “You should always have a lawyer in any kind of real estate transaction.” Frequently, real estate brokers will tell you lawyers “fly speck” a deal, looking for problems to… Read More »

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