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Category Archives: Insurance Claims


The Importance Of Complying With The “Proof Of Loss” Requirements In Your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

By Older Lundy Alvarez & Koch |

An insurance policy is a contract between the insurer and the policyholder. This means both parties have specific obligations that must be met for full coverage under the policy.  In the case of an insured party, such as a homeowner, this typically includes a requirement to provide a sworn “proof of loss” within a… Read More »

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How Far Will An Insurance Company Go To Avoid Paying My Claim?

By Older Lundy Alvarez & Koch |

Insurance companies are quick to deny property damage claims based on some alleged failure of the policyholder to comply with the terms of the policy.  Indeed, even when the policyholder can show they followed the rules, the insurance company may still contend it is not responsible for paying you owed insurance benefits.  Ultimately, such… Read More »

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